Thursday, November 24, 2011 | Support Group and Social Club for Richmond Moms

Do you want it all? Do you want a fulfilling home life, happy children, AND some fun for yourself? This is the place for you! Moms of Mayhem are mothers who want to provide fun and enriching lives for our children but we also need some fun and enrichment for ourselves!

Q: Who can join Moms of Mayhem?
A: Any mother who wants to gain support from and provide support to other moms in their journey through motherhood is welcome to join. We welcome all moms who are looking to make friends for their children as well as connections for themselves. The group is primarily geared toward moms in the Richmond area.

*****At this time we are only able to accept new members by referral. We are aiming to open general membership January 1, 2012. Please email momsofmayhem at gmail dot com to be notified when general membership opens. If you are being referred by a current member, please send an email to momsofmayhem at gmail dot com and include the following information: 1- Your name, 2- Choice of screen name, 3-Name of referring member. Thank you!*****

Q: Are there dues or fees for membership?
A: No, the site is privately run and funded.

Q: Do I have to attend events?
A: We ALL want a group filled with a variety of moms who work together in order to make the group better. We can have a great group if we all participate to the degree that we are able. If you can't come to events, please contribute as a frequent poster on our message board. Members who have not visited the site or attended an event for over 90 days are subject to removal for privacy reasons.

Q: What is appropriate for the message boards?
A: We do not want to limit the conversations on the boards and are open to a wide variety of subjects. This is a place to relax and engage in good conversation. We only ask that you be respectful of one another. We all know what our touchy subjects are. Know when it's time to move on if you are unable to keep your interactions positive and your comments constructive. Or block that user and you will no longer be able to see their posts. Our ‘No Drama’ policy is simple. This is a group for the members, by the members. All members have the ability to report a post. We ask that members do not abuse this as we wish to remain separate from any possible conflict between members. That being said, after a member receives 3 reports, they will be temporarily suspended from the group. Three suspensions will require the member to be removed from the group permanently. We encourage members to work out any problems amongst themselves off of the board.

Q: What are the reasons for removal?
A: They include, but are not limited to the following: Inappropriate behavior on the message boards or at events. Members will be removed after three suspensions except in extreme circumstances. We reserve the right to remove or deny any member at any time if there is cause for concern for members, children, or the group’s welfare.

Q: What information do I need to fill out in my profile?
A: Members are required to post a profile picture of themselves. (Max avatar size is 150 x 150.) Also, members need to provide their real first name (or nickname) in their signature. We prefer to think of members as people and not screen names. We appreciate members adhering to this policy for privacy reasons.

By applying for membership to this group, you are agreeing to bear the sole responsibility for you and your child(ren)'s safety and comfort at all events. Regardless of the presence of other mothers at events, it is imperative that you watch your own child(ren). In addition, event postings are not venue endorsements. You are the only one who knows your child(ren)'s abilities and/or limitations. It is your duty to take these things into consideration before attending an event. Once you have decided to attend an event, you assume full responsibility for any and all associated risks, foreseeable or not. The administrators, moderators and Moms of Mayhem are not and cannot be held responsible for any injuries or altercations while at any group events.

Contact for additional information.